Mother’s Day (and do you know the B Complex Vitamins?)

Today was Mother's Day!  I love Mommy so so so so so much so I wanted today to be a very special day for her.  This morning I woke Daddy up at 6:30 AM and asked if he wanted to help me make a special breakfast for Mommy (I was careful not to wake Mommy).  Daddy took us out to buy some donuts from Dunkin Donuts then we went home and made Mommy an omelet with cheese and salsa, a half a grapefruit, a donut, tea and orange juice.  Then I ran upstairs to wake Mommy.  After breakfast, Mommy opened the presents that Logan and I bought for her online (Daddy let me use his credit card).  We got Mommy a purse hook and a shiny ring holder that looks like an elephant.

That night at dinner I asked Mommy what the names of the B Complex vitamins were.  For some reason Mommy and Daddy thought this was very funny.  I was reading about them in a book at daycare and I knew that there is B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12, but their names were too hard for me to pronounce.  Uncle Jeremy says that they are thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine (B6), biotin (B7), folic acid or folate (B9), cobalamin (B12).  I still can't pronounce them myself.

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Key Lime Cupcakes & Stong Museum

Yesterday was my birthday.  All my friends from daycare helped me celebrate at Strong Museum.  We got to ride the train there, played games and ate pizza and cake.  The today Great-Grandma, Grandma and Grandpa Penza, Grandma Pat, Grandpa Maglio, Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Leighton, Uncle Craig and Emily all came to my house for my birthday.  Daddy grilled chicken and hamburgers and Mommy made the best Key-Lime Cupcakes.  They had a creamy key-lime surprise is the center.  They were so yummy!  I got lots and lots of presents.  Thanks for all of my gifts and celebrating with me!

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Bike Day

Today was the first Bike Day at daycare.  Every Friday I can bring my tricycle to daycare with me to ride.

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I'm finally wearing underwear all the time.   Last week when I was in the hospital, I decided to use the toilet and kept my diaper dry.  Since then, I've been wearing underwear all day!  I'm so excited!  Mommy and Daddy say that I'm a big boy now.

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Ambulance Ride

Today I got to ride in an ambulance.  I'm not sure why.  When I woke up in the morning I was very tired.  Daddy found me on my floor and I wouldn't talk to Mommy or Daddy or do anything but lay there.  Mommy took me to the doctor's office and the next think I knew, they put me in the ambulance and we drove to the hospital.  At the hospital, they took my blood and made me pee in a cup!  I eventually sat up and drank some juice and started to feel better.  The doctor said that they don't know what was wrong with me, but they eventually let me go home.  When Daddy drove Mommy and me back to the doctor's office to pick up Mommy's car, I got upset and started to cry because I wanted to ride the ambulance home.

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Playing in the snow.

We finally got to go outside and play in the snow today.  There was so much snow.  Daddy built us a snow fort with a window and we sled down the big hill at the top of the driveway with mommy.  We also built a snowman that was so big.

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My Knee Surgery

I had my knee fixed today.  This morning daddy woke me up very early when it was still night.  We drove to the hospital and went down two elevators and followed the kites down the hallway to find the waiting room.  When the nurse called me back we went to a room with a bed.  They gave me pajamas and socks to wear.  The pajamas were too big.  I got to lay in bed and I had my own TV remote.  I could pick whatever channel I wanted to watch.  I very nice lady came in and had a cool mask for me.  She also had a box with lots and lots of different flavor chapsticks.  I picked Strawberry Fizz and Wild Blue and rubbed them on the inside.  It was the bestest smell ever.  Then I rode the bed down a long hallway.  It was so silly.  I never rode a bed before.  The we got to a bright room and I put my mask on and tried to blow up a big purple balloon.  It was very tiring tiring to blow it up because I fell asleep after only a few puffs.  When I woke up I was in a different room.  I drank some juice, got dressed and daddy took me home.  We bought a chocolate chip muffin in the hospital lobby first.  I had wanted that muffin since the last time I was at the hospital.  When we got home I got to sit on the couch and watch TV all day.  Now I have a big cut on my knee with string holding it together (mommy calls them stitches).

Aiden in Hospital Bed

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Spitz Nevus

Mommy heard back from the dermatologist today.  They removed a bump from my knee a couple weeks ago and sent it to a lab for a biopsy.  Yuck, why would anyone want the bump from my knee?  The dermatologist told mommy that the bump was Spitz Nevus.  The dermatologist recommended that I see a pediatric plastic surgeon at the hospital.  I don't want them to cut into my knee again, but mommy says we need to make sure all of the bump has been removed.

Spitz Nevus

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Snip Snip Cut

I'm having a lot of fun with scissors.  At daycare they let me use the scissors to cut all kinds of paper.  Today when daddy came to pick me up, I was in the middle of making confetti out of some yellow construction paper.  I made daddy wait until I finish.  The I stood up and said "I'm tired from all that work."

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Show & Share

Every week at daycare we have have Show & Share.  Next week we're supposed to bring in something that starts with the letter N.  I'm going to bring in Nothing because that starts with the letter N.  Nobody else is going to think to bring in Nothing. 😀

Every week, Aiden brings in an item for Show & Share that starts with the letter of the week. Next week is N. Today, he told me he wants to bring in "Nothing because that starts with the letter N". It was hilarious!

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