My Knee Surgery

I had my knee fixed today.  This morning daddy woke me up very early when it was still night.  We drove to the hospital and went down two elevators and followed the kites down the hallway to find the waiting room.  When the nurse called me back we went to a room with a bed.  They gave me pajamas and socks to wear.  The pajamas were too big.  I got to lay in bed and I had my own TV remote.  I could pick whatever channel I wanted to watch.  I very nice lady came in and had a cool mask for me.  She also had a box with lots and lots of different flavor chapsticks.  I picked Strawberry Fizz and Wild Blue and rubbed them on the inside.  It was the bestest smell ever.  Then I rode the bed down a long hallway.  It was so silly.  I never rode a bed before.  The we got to a bright room and I put my mask on and tried to blow up a big purple balloon.  It was very tiring tiring to blow it up because I fell asleep after only a few puffs.  When I woke up I was in a different room.  I drank some juice, got dressed and daddy took me home.  We bought a chocolate chip muffin in the hospital lobby first.  I had wanted that muffin since the last time I was at the hospital.  When we got home I got to sit on the couch and watch TV all day.  Now I have a big cut on my knee with string holding it together (mommy calls them stitches).

Aiden in Hospital Bed

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