No one will probably read this…

Since I never submit any blogs...but alot is going on.  Mike and I just took a few days off from work to get the master bathroom painted and clean out our formal living room that is hopefully going to be turned into a playroom.   I am done with my first set of cake decorating classes and now we are taking ballroom dancing classes to offset the weight gain from all the cake!  I'm working on our Halloween costumes (except Mike who doesn't want to dress up).  They will be awesome!

Sometime before the end of the year, Mike will be heading to India for a week or two.  I'm going to go crazy.  I may call some of my friends to help me with the kids.  At least to entertain them.

In November we're planning a visit to see Jeremy, Alexa, and our new niece.  And we'll get to see Rachel again.

For Christmas we're planning to go to NJ.

We're going to be busy through the end of the year. 



Aiden just threw up all over me!  I found out last night that Barenaked Ladies is planning one of those rock cruises...I really want to go!  I don't know what we'll do with Aiden if I can convince Mike to go though.


My Blog…

I think I figured out how to add my blog to the main menu without screwing much up.  I'm sure will Mike will let me know if I did.  Of course he probably won't be looking on here much while he's in Mexico.


Baby Boyds

I just ordered a Baby's First Christmas Boyds bear set from QVC a few days ago.  I had wanted it since Boyds sent me a preview email about a month ago.


Thanksgiving’s Coming, the Turkey’s Getting Fat…

I don't think I've written since I returned to work, but I'm not sure exactly how to check since there is no link to my blog on the main menu still (ahem, Mike).  Daycare has gone pretty well.  All of the women there seem to love Aiden and he seems happy to go.  He caught his third cold (ever) by the end of his first week.


Aiden Got His First Tooth!

Aiden's first tooth came in on the bottom and Mike told me to go write a blog entry.  OK, so it was just a dream, but I thought I'd write the blog entry anyway.



My maternity leave is coming to an end soon and I'm not entirely looking forward to it.  Aiden and I have gotten used to a sort of schedule the past few weeks.  How will I have time to take care of anything around the house when I go back to work and will the daycare workers really take care of Aiden's needs quickly or will they let him cry for a while because they are too busy with other babies?  There's not much choice.  If I don't go back to work, we couldn't afford our house or to do any of the fun things we'd like to do with Aiden as he grows older (or pay for his college).  I'm sure it will all be fine...I just wish I could wait to go back until after Christmas, but by then, I'd probably say I wish I could just wait to go back until after Aiden is 1 year old!


I Need Sleep

Even though Aiden started sleeping through the night, I'm still not able to get enough sleep.  There is just too much that I want to do before I go back to work (including the roman shades that I started last  December and the bears cross-stitch that I'd love to put in the nursery).  I wish I could have 3 more months off to catch up around the house.

This Saturday, we are going to have Aiden's photos taken by our wedding photographer.  We're also getting our first real family photo.  I hope they turn out as well as our wedding photos did!


My First Blog Entry and I Can’t Type

Yesterday, I went to a hand surgeon for the pain I've been having in my wrists since Aiden was born. It turns out that I have a form of tendonitis that is common in new moms. The doctor gave me a shot of cortisone (ouch!) and a prescription for a wrist brace for my right arm. He told me to call in a few days if I was feeling better and he would do the same for my left arm. I just may do that but then I really won't be able to type, or take care of Aiden easily for that matter! Unfortunately, he wouldn't put me on disability (I don't know why since I can hardly type and that is a predominant part of my job) so I'm still not getting paid for this part of my Family Leave.
To top it all off, it just took me about 10 minutes to type out the previous paragraph, when I accidentally hit the back button on the mouseĀ and lost it all!