Key Lime Cupcakes & Stong Museum

Yesterday was my birthday.  All my friends from daycare helped me celebrate at Strong Museum.  We got to ride the train there, played games and ate pizza and cake.  The today Great-Grandma, Grandma and Grandpa Penza, Grandma Pat, Grandpa Maglio, Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Leighton, Uncle Craig and Emily all came to my house for my birthday.  Daddy grilled chicken and hamburgers and Mommy made the best Key-Lime Cupcakes.  They had a creamy key-lime surprise is the center.  They were so yummy!  I got lots and lots of presents.  Thanks for all of my gifts and celebrating with me!

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Bike Day

Today was the first Bike Day at daycare.  Every Friday I can bring my tricycle to daycare with me to ride.

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I'm finally wearing underwear all the time.   Last week when I was in the hospital, I decided to use the toilet and kept my diaper dry.  Since then, I've been wearing underwear all day!  I'm so excited!  Mommy and Daddy say that I'm a big boy now.

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Ambulance Ride

Today I got to ride in an ambulance.  I'm not sure why.  When I woke up in the morning I was very tired.  Daddy found me on my floor and I wouldn't talk to Mommy or Daddy or do anything but lay there.  Mommy took me to the doctor's office and the next think I knew, they put me in the ambulance and we drove to the hospital.  At the hospital, they took my blood and made me pee in a cup!  I eventually sat up and drank some juice and started to feel better.  The doctor said that they don't know what was wrong with me, but they eventually let me go home.  When Daddy drove Mommy and me back to the doctor's office to pick up Mommy's car, I got upset and started to cry because I wanted to ride the ambulance home.

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Playing in the snow.

We finally got to go outside and play in the snow today.  There was so much snow.  Daddy built us a snow fort with a window and we sled down the big hill at the top of the driveway with mommy.  We also built a snowman that was so big.

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Snip Snip Cut

I'm having a lot of fun with scissors.  At daycare they let me use the scissors to cut all kinds of paper.  Today when daddy came to pick me up, I was in the middle of making confetti out of some yellow construction paper.  I made daddy wait until I finish.  The I stood up and said "I'm tired from all that work."

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My wrist is all better!

This morning daddy took me to see the Orthopedic doctor.  I didn't like getting an x-ray of my wrist taken and I fought with daddy and the nurse.  But after the picture came out of the machine, they said I didn't need to wear my wrist brace anymore.  They also said I didn't need to come back for any more x-rays.  I kinda miss the wrist brace but I'm so happy I don't need to go back to the Orthopedic doctor again.

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Learning to use the potty

I've been trying very hard to learn how to use the potty.  I can't wait until I don't have to wear diapers any more.  Sometime mommy let's me wear big-boy underwear at home on the weekends.  Mommy says that when I start using the potty all the time, I can wear big-boy underwear all the time.  I do use the potty at home and at daycare, just not all the time.  This morning when daddy was putting my diaper on, I grabbedd underwear from my drawer and ran off and put it on.  I wouldn't let daddy put the diaper on me so he let me go to daycare in underwear today.

Tonight after swimming, I had to pee.  I was good and didn't use my diaper.  However, daddy told told me I'm not supposed to pee in the shower and especially not on his foot.

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My wrist hurts

Today I was playing with Grandpa when I fell off the couch.  My wrist really hurt after that.  Mommy and daddy took me to the doctor and the took pictures of my wrist and put a cast on it.  I don't know how long I'll need to keep the cast on, but now that it's on my wrist feels a lot better. (Click "Continue reading" to see a picture.)


Picnic in the Van

Tonight mommy wasn't feeling well and daddy had to take her to Urgent Care.  While mommy was visiting the doctor daddy took us to McDonald's and bought us chicken nuggets and juice.  Daddy, Aiden and I sat in the back of the van and had a picnic.  It was so much fun, but I hope mommy feels better soon.

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